August 01, 2006

The Hit List

One of the wonderful things my site meter allows me to view is how people get on to the blog. Do they have the link? Did they come from someone else’s blog? Did they do a search? It’s the search that constantly amazes me. Since I’ve put the meter on, I’ve had people referred to my blog after doing searches for the following strings of words:

From Iceland: Vespa lap blanket
From Ireland: application requirements ireland OR irish "fire certificate" –northern
From Texas: captain and tennille you never
From North Carolina: village of dalky, Ireland
From Galway: thelaceband
From Atlanta, Georgia: wish foundation vespa
From Brooklyn, New York: fish driving a bicycle hot wrong zidane
From Paris, France: pub zidane en vespa
From Pennsylvania: worst vespa
From Cambridge, Massachusettes: "woman dining alone

and my personal favorite, from Swansea, England: Pimms gets you drunk (thank you Sarah)

Who searches for "Pimms gets you drunk" and what did you think you were going to find?!

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Drat. I bounced to your site looking for 'Vespa lap blanket' :) Now that you've posted these phrazes, maybe you'll get more similar traffic.