July 17, 2007

Things I'll Never Get Used To

01- Washers without Dryers
02- Public transportation never having to be on time. Or even show up.
03- Men ordering tea. 'Oh, I'd love a cup of tea.' It just doesn't seem masculine.
04- Flying to New York for a weekend shopping excursion because the Dollar is weak.
05- Abhorrently poor service everywhere.
06 - Verifying my order does not have onions in it, even if the menu lists all the ingredients.
07- 24 Hour clock math. I still have no idea what time 18:43 is without subtracting 12 first.
08- Non-Irish saying 'thanks a mil' or 'grand', especially if they are of any Asian variety.
09- 4 Seasons of weather within 3 hours.
10- Children telling adults to F-off! Same for the parents telling their children.

Things I have gotten used to:

01- Recycling, even if I can't quite remember what goes in the green bag and what doesn't.
02- Drinking in round. Drinking in general, actually.
03- Turning the heaters on and off at the wall outlet.
04- Taxis, especially in the rain.
05- I can tell the difference between soccer +rugby jerseys and distinguish some of the teams.
06- Refusing a shopping bag if I already have one that is sufficiently big enough.
07- Walking along the beach and letting the sea air work magic on me.
08- Visitors popping over to see me.
09- 35 vacation days a year, 36.5 hour working weeks, monthly paychecks.
10- Sleeping with my windows open.

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Lifetheuniverseandeverything said...

I think you've aclimatised well with regard to point 2 in section 2! In fact you seem like a natural :-)