August 01, 2007

Full Moon. That explains it.

It was such a crap day that ended so well, it was almost worth the crap to get to the goods. (I think I can kiss my Pulitzer goodbye after that one)

Sister-in-law Jenn called yesterday at work to tell me her Aunts were in town for one day. Today was the day. I had known they were going to be here some unfixed time this summer, but since it's now 50+ days of rain, summer just doesn't seem to be in Ireland. So I forgot all about it until Jenn called yesterday afternoon. I took down the name of the hotel, the phone number and the correct spellings of their last names. After work I called the hotel and was told no one was registered under that name. In fact, only one guest was registered for one night and after a quick chat with him, I ascertained that he was not indeed 2 ladies from Long Island. So I called everyone I could, left messages, sent emails and then wandered round to the chipper because I was starving and, frankly, I'd done everything I could do at that point but drown myself in a tub of chocolate ice cream and go to bed. Just as I finished my oh-so-healthy meal, the house phone rang and it was Joanne. She was on her way to a pub, was it too late for me to join them? Ummm... no.

She was waiting at the door as I arrived and after a big hug (the sort only Americans can give) she guided me back to the table where the group was seated. Its always nice to see people from home even if technically, they aren't your home.

As we passed by the bar, I heard a guy say 'Hey Beth, how are you?'. He greeted me so casually, my brain decided he was a friend from here but in reality he's a friend from there. I was stunned to see BJ, since I had no idea he was coming along. And he said it so nonchalantly, as if he'd seen me in the office just this afternoon, I just stared at him for a moment before it dawned on me who he actually was. I knew my brain was processing slowly today but I had no idea it was that slow. He laughed. Joanne laughed. I laughed.

After dinner I led the group on a short moonlit walking tour of Dublin. Well, the Dublin you encounter on the way back to their hotel anyway, pointing out things like Trinity College, Stephen's Green and the best place to buy Waterford crystal. Halfway to the hotel, I looked up and saw the moon, bright golden white in the sky, with a bit of a mist clinging to it, absolutely full. Makes utter and complete sense. I had just been remarking on what a strange collection of people were in town tonight. I've been off kilter all day. They got lost 6 times on the way into town from the airport. That might not have been the moon's fault though; Dublin is missing a fair portion of their street signs.

I left them at the hotel, where most of them will head into the country tomorrow, but BJ and his girlfriend will be in town for one more day, so I'll get to see them and catch up. Hopefully this time I'll recognize him when I pass him at the bar.

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Anonymous said...

Are we so boring that you don't want to write about us?! FANTY I WANT TO READ ABOUT MYSELF.

Miss you—