January 29, 2008

The Candidate Matrix

THIS is an interesting little tool and quite helpful to sort out who's who in this race of 1000 candidates, most of whom are too little to be well known without research. Now I'm not saying it's perfect or non-partisan, but it is a handy little tool to start exploring the candidates' stance on these issues. I was in a discussion with some friends over the weekend about the presidential race and it struck me as odd that the only issue Europeans consider important is the Iraq war. I'm sure there are a lot of Americans that do as well and I realize it's no small thing. But, there are other issues to decide upon when voting for president and I think this matrix brings several of the big ones forward. Because voting based on one issue alone is just irresponsible. I mean, do you remember Nader's Green Party from 2000? It included every freak fringe group willing to go in with him, a veritable circus of security risk lobbies. But he garnered a lot of votes for an independent because he was Green Party and who doesn't care about the environment? I've never been so frightened as the day I went to his official home page and read his official platform.

So, remember that the deadline to Register to Vote in the Primaries is Feb 4, 2008. I can't throw another Election Day party this year, unless you all want to come to Dublin to do it, but I can still nag you to be an adult and GO VOTE!!! I don't even care who you vote for, just do it.

There's that stupid Nike slogan again. I hope that ad company got paid tons...

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petergriffin1892 said...

Interesting little matrix thing - now obviously I don't understand all of the issues involved but I answered as honestly & thoughtfully as possible. I'd be voting for Obama. Of course every candidate (on both sides) had opinions I found myself agreeing with!