September 03, 2008

A Rainy Day in Fayetteville

It's a rainy day in Fayetteville. Last night, the effects of hurricane Gustav made it to the area. I fell asleep listening to the constant downpour outside and woke to much the same. Sweetie, the dog, and I have been inside all day, watching it come down, wondering if we'll get a break for our walk. It would appear we are waiting in vain.

At least the weather has cooled down.

After my last post, I've heard from several people regarding my options. I thank you all for writing, since it has both made my decision easier, and given me peace of mind. I have heard from many sources that there simply isn't any work to be had at the moment, and one source predicted that it won't pick up until after the new year. Which means I'll be coming back to Ireland to pack and move. I sincerely doubt my Irish visa will be renewed in January.

So I wait and pray for the UK visa to come thru. And wonder what to do with my things in Flatmate Suzie's until I can come collect them. In total retrospect, I should have packed up and found a storage space while I was still there. Then again, in total retrospect, I should have had a decision in mid-July. Should is a very dangerous game to play. In fact, I assert that Should should be outlawed as a concept. It only leads to recrimination and guilt. I have family for that.

My mood has improved since last week, which is helping to wrap my mind around not living in Ireland any more. It sort of sucks to be a guest. I've made a home there in the 4 years I've been in Dublin. No one likes to be evicted from their home, but it is especially difficult after such a long time and being so close to my ultimate goal. Another year in Dublin and I could have applied for my Irish passport. I wonder if I have to start from zero if I move back to Dublin when it recovers?

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