June 19, 2008

Running Seriously Behind

Yeah, I know... it's been ages since I've written anything and it's all piling up on me. I've been to Dallas, to see Melanie and Hippie get married. I went to see roller derby while there and it was really interesting. I saw tons of friends, ate loads of Mexican and generally sweated my body weight daily while asking no one in particular frequently: how did I do this for 15 years?

I also have many observations of life in New York, which is so much more than I ever thought it would be. I've had two visitors, Paraic and Flatmate Suzie and have photos to prove it. Work is so much busier than I'd agreed to that I wonder if I should renegotiate my contract for a higher salary. I've moved into a cute apartment for the next couple of months; cute now that I've spent 4 days cleaning it, mostly with bleach.

And generally, I just need to catch up with everyone. But time seen exponentially faster here. I managed to clean the fridge tonight (destroying the planet one bleach soaked rag at time), make dinner and have a cup of tea. It's now nearly midnight. Clearly my vegetable chopping skills need some polish.

So I'll leave you with this at the moment:

I am well. New York is loud. I have no idea when I'll be home.

Soon, I hope.

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